Overwhelming to say the least

This whole process has felt so... unreal. Making this decision to work out of the country for the next year was an exciting choice to make, scary at moments, but mostly just... right. I don't really have words for it. I have felt so comforted in my decision, trusting in God that this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life at this moment that I was content with all the challenges that arose and knew I could get through them. It was a lot to bear, moving out of my apartment, packing, putting things in storage, deciding what to bring to Africa, what to store, what to try to sell, and everything else, donate. On top of that, I had to make arrangements for what to do with my car, where to stay when I come back to visit, insurance, my cell phone, leave my job, which included finishing my paperwork, and saying my goodbyes. (that you can read all about in my previous post)

At first, I felt alone and overwhelmed with everything. There was just so much to do! How am I going to get all of this done? I didn't know how to ask people to help me with things I felt I had to do.  I turned to a friend (fellow Baha'i) for advice on how to ask God for help in managing all of this. He replied by telling me to just ask people for help. It sounded simple enough. 

So I prayed and started telling more people about what I was doing. The amount of help was unbelievable, almost overwhelming in itself. I a lot of people offered to help me pack and organize, my co-workers also helped me with 2 yard sales, and I had Baha'is offer for me to stay with them whenever I needed it. My dad came from Tucson to help me finish up everything and he was a major help. Thanks Dad!! There is no way I could have gotten through those last couple of days without you! And we were both hurting (lower back/sciatic pain, the worst!!!). A few other friends helped us move things into my storage unit. Again! So thankful for the support everyone gave me, whether it was packing 1 box or moving boxes down 3 flights of stairs, I really needed your help and am appreciative! 

On top of that was the emotional aspect of letting go of everything. Letting go of my material possessions or leaving relationships that I value behind. I felt like I was leaping off of a cliff, trusting solely in God. I was ok with getting rid of my things, but the hardest was my worry about what would happen with all of my relationships. Not having them as accessible. Mahara, my sister, had left, my cousin, who became a huge support to me over the past 7-8 years (She was a best friend, role model, therapist, source of light) had passed away, and now I would be leaving behind a community  that I grew close to. However, I received so many confirmations that I was headed on the right path. I couldn't pass this up.