Bittersweet Goodbyes

The fun we had!

Woops! Finally getting this post out.

My last week of work was filled with joy and sadness. I had to inform everyone about this exciting new opportunity to work in Africa. This meant I was leaving my job, terminating with my clients, packing my things, moving out of my apartment and setting off for a whole new experience. Pretty exciting... and scary. It was overwhelming to say the least.

I had to tell my job (i.e., supervisor and director) that I would no longer be coming back and shortly after my fellow therapists. I had to tell the school I work at, which started with the principal, a few staff, and an email to all of the teachers/staff. And of course, I had to tell all 16 of my clients starting with the parents. The hardest of all was telling each client. Although I received the same reaction from just about every adult, sad to hear I was leaving, but very excited to know it was for an unbelievable opportunity, my students had a quit different reaction.   

My students all had funny and heartfelt reactions to my news:

After a moment of contemplation, "So you will just have to drive further to get to work?" she said. "No. It's really far away." "So you'll have to metro further?" "Nooo, its like REALLY far." ..."Can I come with you?" :-\

"How about you bring all the kids from Africa here. Then you can just stay!" 

"So you can take a train?" "No, it's across the ocean, alot of water and trains can't go over the water." "Yes, they can." "Haha, no. The water is very deep." ..."Like, deeper then the pool?" "Haha! Yes! Much deeper!" 

Sweet gifts from clients

Sweet gifts from clients

My students had a difficult time understanding what it meant for me to have an amazing opportunity. One student asked me if I was sad about going then why was I leaving? 


The school staff gave me a nice send off as well. I was given the opportunity to express how much I enjoyed working with them and how wonderful of a job they do. It was very sweet to be asked if there was anything I needed. We also discussed being pen pals. :) Hopefully we can make that happen. 


...And then came the packing, storing, cleaning, yard sales, moving, and so on.