I'm raising money to participate in an 11-week Bamboo n' Build Masterclass Internship at the permaculture farm Djanbung Gardens in Australia.

The funds will cover the cost of the internship and my basic needs while there and my journey back. I bought the ticket there and made a down payment on the internship myself.

My goal is to use the knowledge I gain about growing, maintaining and building with bamboo to design and build fog harvesting towers, a water catchment method from condensation, for communities that are in serious need of clean water.


Alejandra E.B.

Eileen Carpenter

Emily Loghmani


Kamala Parker

Michael Parker

Neyson Sturdivant

Special Thank You to Daniel Kemp for his help with videography on my "We the Trees" crowdfunding video.


Sample of the Special Edition "The Earth Is In Our Hands" coffee mug for level 6 contributors. The word "contributor" will be replaced with the names of those who contribute.

Mahara is in Australia to learn natural building methods and will use those skills to build fog harvesting towers, a form of water catchment, for those in need of clean water. She needs support to pay for the internship. Please contribute.